Quite an interesting time to be in the UK - and this might provide stimulus for further conversations:

Evi Stamatiou's Caryatid Unplugged (the Brexit edition) will be presented at the Rosemary Branch Theatre 29th June to 1st July 2016. It is a wacky play using a mix of comedy, cabaret and mime performance styles as a means to discuss issues of immigration and populist politics in the UK and Greece through the eyes of a bewildered Caryatid stuck inside the British Museum.

The play features some music by yours truly! Further information below.

Get your tickets here: http://www.rosemarybranchtheatre.co.uk/?event=caryatid

Evi Stamatiou performing Caryatid Unplugged in MONOMAFFIA Pärnu Teatrifestival 2014

Evi Stamatiou performing Caryatid Unplugged in MONOMAFFIA Pärnu Teatrifestival 2014

In a madly comic performance pitching modern anti-immigration dogma against a wry wink from the ancient world, celebrated political theatre artist Evi Stamatiou satirizes the British Government’s ironic position – on the one hand refusing to return the Greek marbles (here represented by Stamatiou’s touching embodiment of a lone female statue), and on the other, unceremoniously resisting the arrival of the unwanted Greek, presented in ribald comic form as Rita, an economic migrant wishing to stay in Blighty.  Heralded as creating “a world of bubbly satire”, Stamatiou punctures the po-faced indifference of David Cameron and others, and presents Rita’s desire to remain and the marbles’ desire to leave as a playful, but direct challenge to the questionable status quo.

After a successful run at The Edinburgh Festival and Monomaffia Festival in Estonia, this hilarious show will ruffle feathers in London for the first time 6 days after the EU referendum.  Whatever Britain decides, what will happen to Rita and the statue? Are they in or out?

Her infectious delivery wins over the audience. Under the slapstick, the finger stays firmly on our political pulse, and towards the end the message suddenly becomes shockingly clear when the spotlight turns on the exploitation at the heart of Europe’s dark underbelly – The Stage

Current cast and creatives: Evi Stamatiou (writer/director/performer), Ellen Macleod (performer), Tom White (performer) and Andreas Papapetrou (music). Many thanks to Matt Smith for design and lighting tips.