Join us at the Vibe Gallery. My piece 'Spindle' for Harp, Dancer & Audience participants will be performed by Maria-Christina!

The event starts at 8pm sharp and will include an exciting assortment of various performances from different solo artists and groups, ranging from music and dance to video art, theatre and performance art.

 'Spindle' programme note: Elsewhere, in some strange faraway place, or maybe outside the realm of time and in the land of dreams, the maypole game is still played as it used to be in ancient times: A sacrifice of the chosen one to bring forth new life after the darkness of winter, an offering to celebrate the coming of Spring and the birth of the new Sun god. The performer sacrifices herself, living the death of the caterpillar, welcoming the cocoon built around her, in hope of new wings.

As this is still a work in progress I will appreciate your feedback! :)

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